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President's Message

We would like to devote this message, which coincides with the launch of our new portal, to introducing the University of Carthage and our vision and projects for the next three years

The University of Carthage was established as a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning which offers a comprehensive array of high-quality courses in basic, legal and political sciences, engineering, technology, economics and management, humanities, arts and agronomy.

The university currently faces challenges associated with assessing the major activities and products originated by its various components. In fact, if we examine the various institutions affiliated with university on a case to case basis, the combined results will be by far better than those currently presented by the University. This is mainly due to the wrong conception of the university’s role (that it merely serves as an administrative liaison between the Ministry and the institutions), which has caused a problem relating to the ambiguous vision.

Our project aims to redefine the relationship between the various components of the university on the one hand, and between them and the overseeing Ministry on the other. This requires, in our opinion, the forging of a better relationship between the university and the overseeing ministry, including all departments and sections. A more comprehensive vision of the university is our major concern. In fact, the university should be an integrated entity with clearly defined role and mission. Devising diversified disciplines and setting up provincial institutions should be seen as a sign of strength, rather than of weakness, of the framework. To this effect, we have opted for a new information system which is under construction, and a significant part thereof has been completed, namely:

  • Skill matrix
  • Vocational integration office
  • Database of various research structures

It is of vital importance that everyone nurtures a strong sense of belonging to the university, whether they be students, teaching, administrative or technical staff. This is further enhanced by the potential benefits gained by each person who is fully involved in the university’s work and activities. Accountability and integration are, therefore, the keywords of our action plan.