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The University of Carthage (UCAR), founded in 1988, is a Tunisian public institution of education and research under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The UCAR, through its various institutions, is a multidisciplinary university which delivers 303 degrees in the different levels of training, ie preparatory courses for Engineering studies and Aggregation, Fundamental Bachelor's degree (30)  Applied  Bachelor's degree (45) Research Master's degree (50),  Professional Master's degree (47), National Diploma of Engineering (30), National Diplomas of  Audiovisual (6) and Doctorates (26).

The university has 2,325 permanent teachers providing researchers in addition to their mission of training and mentoring, training through research at the Graduate Schools (8) and research activities organized as part of Laboratories (39) and 'Units (27).

This important human resource potential is administratively and technically accompanied by a staff of 1,373 persons between administrators (17%), engineers and technicians (15%) and workers (48%).

The number of students enrolled in 2014 is 38000 in different institutions spread over several sites that are deployed in the northeastern region of the country :

Site Acronyme Institution
Carthage and Sidi-Bou Said UCAR Carthage University Headquarters
IPEST Preparatory Institute for Scientific and Technical Studies
EPT Tunisia Polytechnic School
IHEC Institute of Advanced Business Studies, Carthage
ESAC Higher Institute of Audiovisual and Film Studies
ENAU  National School of Architecture and Urbanism
IHET Institute of high Studies of Tourism
ISCE Higher Institute of Childcare Personnel Training
Tunis INAT National Institute of Agronomy of Tunisia
INSAT  National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology
ISLT  Higher Institute of Languages, Tunis
ESIAT Higher School of Food Industries
Ariana FSJPST  Faculty of Juridical, Political and Social Sciences, Tunis
SUP’COM Higher School of Communications (Sup’Com) of Tunis
INRGREF National Research Institute in Rural Engineering, Water and Forestry
INRAT National Institute of Agronomical Research, Tunis
Soukra ENICar National School of Engineer of Carthage
ESSAI Higher School of Statistics and Information Analysis

Higher Institute of Environment, Urbanism and Building Technologies

INTES National Institute of Labour and Social Studies, Tunis
ISEPBG Higher Institute of Preparatory Studies in Biology and Geology
Bizerte et Mateur FSB  Faculty of Sciences, Bizerte
ENIB National Engineering School of Bizerte
IPEIB Bizerte Preparatory Engineering Institute

Higher Institute of Business and Accountancy of Bizerte

ISPAB Higher Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Bizerte
ESAMa Higher School of Agriculture, Mateur
ISSAT-Ma Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, Mateur
Nabeul et Mograne FSEGN Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management, Nabeul
IPEIN Nabeul Preparatory Engineering Institute
ISBAN Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Nabeul
ISLN Higher Institute of Languages of Nabeul
ESAMO Higher School of Agriculture, Mograne
Borj Cedria ENSTAB National School of Sciences and Advanced Technologies of BorjCédria
ISSTE Higher Institute of Sciences and Technology of Environment of Borj Cedria
ISTIC Higher Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunication