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DAAD training modules

Since 2016, the DAAD Tunis in cooperation with the DAAD Cairo Academy (http://dka.daadcairo.org) offers modules of Train-The-Trainer seminars in Tunisia and we are pleased to announce that the DAAD Tunis will organize these trainings once again in 2019.

The next four DAAD training modules will take place on October 29th and 30th 2019 in Tunis.
During these modules, groups of about 25 participants each will receive intensive training from professional trainers in selected subjects:

  1. Debating and discussing: How to formulate and structure arguments, October 29th 2019 in Tunis
  2. Effective Cooperation in Teams, October 29th 2019 in Tunis
  3. Interviews: a method to collect data during the research process, October 30th 2019 in Tunis
  4. Effective Communication in Teams, October 30th 2019 in Tunis

Trainings will be held entirely in English and a good command of English is essential for participation.
Target Group: PhD candidates, postdocs, alumni as well as team leaders, researchers and academics in general.

Applications must be done through the application forms (attached), which should be fully filled and then submitted to training@daad.tn before October 17th , 2019 (deadline).
Please note that you can only apply for ONE module and that the places are limited. There will be a selection made by an independent committee. Only invited candidates can participate!

Participation fees, lunch and coffee breaks will be funded in full by the DAAD. Please understand that the DAAD could not assume travel or accommodation costs. Certificates will be awarded only to participants who attend the whole training.

Further information is also available on our website: https://www.daad.de/miniwebs/ictunis/fr/26106/index.html