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Engineering science and technology

Tunisia Polytechnic School

Denomination engineering Mathematics
Research field -Complex Runoff and numerical analysis
-Control of complex systems
-Economic and Statistics Modelization
-Geometry and analysis about the varieties
Person in charge Lassaad EL ASMI
Email assaad.elasmi@ept.rnu.tn
Denomination Systems and Applied Mechanics
Research field -Calculation, optimization and analysis of structures
-Behavior of materials
-Planning of transport and urban traffic
Person in charge Sami EL BORJI
Email samielborgi@gnet.tn
Denomination Economics and Industrial Management
Research field -Public finance, employment and social protection
-Release, industrial structure and productive performance of the Tunisian economy
-Energy, Natural Resources and Environment
-Institutions and Financial Markets
Person in charge Tahar ABDESSALEM
Email abdesslem.ther@ept.rnu.tn
Denomination Electronic Systems and Telecommunication Network
Research field -Optical communications systems
-Digital communications systems
-Communications networks
-Embedded Systems and Multimedia
-Sensor Networks
Person in charge Rabeh ATTIA
Email Rabeh.attia@enit.rnu.tn
Denomination Advanced systems
Research field -Automatic: developing techniques and methods for modeling, analysis
-Control and optimization of dynamic systems
-Co-design of embedded systems application to aeronautics and space
-mobile robotics
-Optical communications systems
-Wireless communications systems
-Embedded Systems and Multimedia
Person in charge Naceur BEN HADJ BRAIEK
Email naceur.benhadj@ept.rnu.tn

Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte

Denomination Application of Chemistry to Resources and Natural Substances and Environment
Research field -Valuation of tunisian natural resources
-Valuation of natural substances
-Isolation and structure
Person in charge Dalila BEN HASSEN CHEHIMI
Email dchehimi@yahoo.fr
Denomination Bio Monitoring of Environment
Research field -Coastal Ecology and ecotoxicology
-Fundamental and Applied Malacology
-Ecological risks of drugs and pesticides
-Hydrobiology limnic and littoral
Person in charge Moncef BOUMAIZA
Email moncef.bouanz@fsb.rnu.tn
Denomination Physics of Materials
Research field -Materials solid superconductors, ribbons and thread
-Magnetic anisotropy, resistivity and wall dynamics in compounds GaMnAsP
-Study of optoelectronic properties of self organized quantum boxes
-renewable Energy : Elaboration and characterization of ionic, electronic and mixed conductor materials for application in fuel cells.
-Biosensors: Study of interfaces and electrochemistry of solids
Person in charge Faten BEN AZOUZ
Email faten.benazouz@fsb.rnu.tn
Denomination Materials and Environment
Research field -Inorganic chemistry-radiocrystallography
-Physical Chemistry-Spectroscopy
-Chemistry Physics-Thermodynamics
-Natural substances-Colorants
Person in charge Mohamed REZAIGUI
Email Mohamed.Rezaigui@fsb.rnu.tn

National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology

Denomination Ecology and Microbial technology
Research field -Food processes and biotransformations
-Depollution processes and valorisation of by-products
Person in charge Mokhtar HAMDI
Email mokthar.hamdi@insat.rnu.tn
Denomination Biological Engineering
Research field -Biotechnology and engineering of proteins and bioactive molecules
-Optimization of recombinant protein expression systems, Production purification
-Characterization and industrial applications
Person in charge Mohamed Nejib MARZOUKI
Email mn.marzouki@insat.rnu.tn
Denomination Materials, Measurements and Applications
Research field -Measurement, diagnosis, management and the energy conversion
-Modelization and control of complex energy systems
-Eco-conception of multi-physics systems
Person in charge Mohamed Chaker ZAGHDOUDI
Email chaker.zagdhoudi@insat.rnu.tn
Denomination Computing for Advanced Systems
Research field -Safe design of real-time critical systems
-Development of efficient algorithms for solving scheduling problems
-Development of intelligent control systems
-Decision Support and Piloting of Industrial Systems
-Development and implementation of large-scale complex systems
Person in charge Moncef GASMI
Email mh.6368@yahoo.com

Institute of Advanced Business Studies, Carthage

Denomination Applied Economics and Finance
Research field -Industrial economics, sectoral and regional development
-Monetary and Financial Economics
-Financial markets and behavioral finance
Person in charge Mohamed GOAIED
Email m.goaied@planet.tn
Denomination Economy and Business Strategies
Research field -Industrial policy, technology and incentives for innovation
-Management and organizational strategy to improve competitiveness
-Modernization and strengthening of the financial system
Person in charge Abderrazak ZOUARI
Email zouari.abd@planet.tn

Preparatory Institute for Scientific and Technical Studies

Denomination Materials Molecules and Applications
Research field -Theoretical chemistry and thermodynamic modeling
-Essential oils and extracts of aromatic and medicinal plants
Person in charge Manef ABDRABAH
Email manef@ecopark.rnu.tn
Denomination Physical Chemistry of Polymer materials
Research field -Synthesis processes for Microstructural
-Physical properties and modeling of microstructures
-Physico-chemical characterization of microstructures and their interfaces
-Use of microstructures for microsystems
Person in charge Mohamed Fadhel BEN CHEIKH LARBI
Email mohamedfadhel.benchikhlarbi@ipest.rnu.tn

Higher School of Communications of Tunis

Denomination Communication Networks and Security
Research field -Communication networks (wireless and optical)
-Network Security
-Wavelet transform
-harmonic analysis
-operational research
-Digital investigation
Person in charge Noureddine BOUDRIGA
Email nab@supcom.rnu.tn
Denomination Communication, Signal and Image
Research field -Signal Processing
-Image Processing
-Audio Processing
-Communications and Wireless Networks
Person in charge Hichem BESBES
Email hichem.besbes@supcom.rnu.tn
Denomination Innov'COM
Research field -Electromagnetic Compatibility and Signal Integrity
-Cooperative and Communicating Objects
-Broadband systems and Strong Mobility
-Systems Integration
Person in charge Ridha BOUALLEGUE
Email ridha.bouallegue@supcom.rnu.tn
Denomination Green and Smart Communication Systems
Research field -Circuits and radio systems software and cognitive
-Algorithms, architectures and software for embedded communication systems
-Components and systems for optical networks
Person in charge Adel GHAZEL
Email adel.ghazel@supcom.rnu.tn
Denomination Radio Mobile Multimedia Networks
Research field -Mobility management and QoS in the network
-Engineering Services Telecoms
-Planning and optimization of radio networks
-Optimizing the radio interface of the mobile radio network
Person in charge Mohamed SIALA
Email mohamed.siala@supcom.rnu.tn