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Agricultural Science

National Agronomic Institute of Tunis

Denomination Horticultural Sciences
Research field -agronomic Sciences
-plant Biotechnology
Person in charge Taoufik BETTAIEB
Email tbettaieb@yahoo.fr

Higher School of Agriculture of Mateur

Denomination Development and Improvement of Profitability of Animal Production and Food Resources
Research field -Improving productivity of wheat in irrigated areas of North
-Use of local food resources in the diet of ruminants
-Quality and enhancement of meat and milk produced by indigenous animals
-genetic Management of animal resources
-Effects of secondary metabolites of fenugreek on animal performance
Person in charge Moncef HAMMAMI
Email moncef42000@yahoo.com

Higher School of Agriculture Mograne

Denomination Agricultural Production System and Sustainable Development
Research field -autochthonous vegetation
-Ecosystem functionality
Person in charge Houcine SEBAI
Email sebei.houcine@iresa.agrinet.tn

National Agricultural Research Institute of Tunis

Denomination Biotechnology and Plant Physiology
Person in charge Mohamed RABEH HAJLAOUI
Email hajlaoui06@gmail.com
Denomination Horticulture
Person in charge Hajer JEBBARI
Email jebari.hajer@iresa.agrinet.tn
Denomination Agricultural Sciences and Techniques
Person in charge Sifi BOUAZIZI
Email sifi.bouazizi@iresa.agrinet.tn
Denomination Plant Protection
Person in charge Mohamed bechir ALLAGUI
Email allagui.mohamed@iresa.agrinet.tn
Denomination The Large Scale Cultivation
Person in charge Hammadi BEN SALEH
Email bensalah.hamadi@iresa.agrinet.tn
Denomination Animal Production and Forage
Person in charge Hichem BEN SALEM
Email bensalem.hichem@iresa.agrinet.tn

National Institute for Research in Rural Engineering, Water and Woodlands

Denomination Management and Valuation of Forest Resources
Person in charge Mohamed Habib BEN JAMAA
Email bensalem.hichem@iresa.agrinet.tn
Denomination Managing Environmental Risks in Irrigated Agriculture
Person in charge Saloua REJEB
Email rejeb.saloua@iresa.agrinet.tn
Denomination Ecology, Improvement and Management of Forest Resources, semi-Forest and Pastoral
Person in charge Mustapha KSONTINI
Email Ksontini.mustapha@iresa.agrinet.tn
Denomination Rural Engineering
Person in charge Mohamed Thameur CHAIBI
Email chaibi.medthameur@iresa.agrinet.tn